DW 6-piece, with a Ebony satin oil finish and black powder-coated lugs.  It includes 10" and 12" rack toms, 14" and 16" floor toms, with a 22” Kick.

Snares: DW 14” Maple

        Mapex 14” Maple w/wooden hoops

        Pearl 13” Piccolo

        Joyful Noise 14” Luminary(Aluminum)

        Joyful Noise 14” Brass (20’s Black Beauty Finish)

Hardware: All DW Double Braced Cymbal Stands

          Pedals: DW 9002 Double-Kick; DW 9500 Hi-Hat stand


         Hi-Hats- Zildjian 13" K Custom Dark Hi-Hats and

Vintage Zildjian 14" Avedis Quick beats

         Crashes- Zildjian 16" A Custom Crash, Zildjian 15” K Custom Dark Crash(also used as HiHat), Zildjian 18" K Custom Fast Crash, and a Zildjian 15” K Dark Thin Crash (also used as HiHat)

         Rides- Zildjian 20" K Custom Medium Ride

Zildjian 21" Hand-Hammered Raw-Bell Dry Ride Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Hi-Bell Thin Ride and a Zildjian Vintage 22" Avedis Ride

         FX Cymbals- Sabian 10" HHX Splash Sabian 16" HHX O-Zone Crash and a Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash


Percussion: LP Soft Shaker

            Egg Shaker

            Rhythmtech Tambourine

            LP "Black Beauty" Cowbell

            LP "Aspire" Bongos and a

            Remo 16" Djembe

            Meinl Cajon

            Meinl Bongo Cajon

            Meinl Slaptop Cajon

            Meinl Cajon Shaker


“I’ve been playing drums for about 15 years now. 
I’ve been very fortunate to play some fun gigs around the country and abroad. I’ve had the privilege of opening for acts such as Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, Rodney Atkins, Clint Black, Thompson Station, Lee Brice, The Fray, and more. I’ve had the honor of playing the Grand Ole Opry on 2 occasions with The Willis Clan. I’ve also been fortunate enough to play some other fun stages such as the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland, and the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia for an NFL halftime show. I play with a few different artists and will play a random gig with whoever asks for a business card every once in a while. The main artists I play with for the time being is Mountain Faith (America’s Got Talent semi-finalist), Keith Walker, Matt Giraud (American Idol top 5), and The Anna Johnson Band.
If you’re an artist looking for a drummer for your next show or record, shoot me an email and maybe I can help in that department!”

Best Regards,